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Mouse almost caught in trap.  Too Close for Comfort
Too Close For Comfort

This photo came as a real surprise to me, and I'm sure to the mouse as well. I had worked many weeks perfecting a strobe triggering system that would stop the action of a mousetrap bail 45 degrees over a mouse while it was taking the bait. I ended up using piano wire attached to the trap. When the bail touched the wire it gave me a closure, which in turn fired the strobe. The picture was taken with a 4"x5" view camera in a completely dark room with the shutter open. The real patience came in waiting for the mouse. After checking the trap daily for several weeks, I one day found the trap had triggered, but no mouse. I decided to develop the film anyway to see what had triggered the trap. To my surprise, this photo is what I had. I dubbed it "Too Close for Comfort" because I'm sure that's what went through the little guy's head after he outsmarted both me and the trap. Photo & article published: National Hog Farmer; The Wide Angel; Zia Gram; Photomethods Jan.'88



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