Eagle by Diana Helgesen

About Diana

I started doing professional photography in 1984. I’ve gone from film to digital which was a whole new experience.

I’ve attended MIT and Brooks Institute of Photography.  My photographic pursuits have taken me from South Africa to the Arctic and from the Hawaiian Islands to the Greek Islands, with many of my photographs published in many publications.

Many of the other great countries I visited was Galapagos, Amsterdam and enjoyed Tahiti & Bora Bora on a catamaran.

I spent 6 weeks in New Zealand and Australia in a motorhome I was driving. I really enjoyed photographing the kangaroos in the RV parks.

Kruger National Park was fantastic in South Africa.  The animals run free and it was a real challenge to photograph the animals, because you’re not allowed to leave your car.  I got some great pictures driving my car and hanging outside my car window.

Alaska will always be my favorite with so much wildlife and country to photograph.  The bears were my favorite~!!!

I was an active member with the Industrial Photographers of the Southwest. I served on the board and was president 1992-93.  I was given the “Professional Photographers of America, National Award in 1995, for her outstanding contributions to photography. Now I’m enjoying retirement, continuing to travel and photograph the world.  I think my favorite is photographing wildlife.  Sometimes it can be a real challenge but when you get that shot you wanted it was all worth the wait.

Wildlife Photographer Diana Helgesen on location
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